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100% Renewable Energy Power Supply for Giga Tower Robinsons Novaliches's Recycling Market

Giga Tower
Giga Tower
Pantabangan Dam
Pantabangan Dam

RLC OBD's GIGA Tower (after more than a year of operations) was qualified in April 2021 for a Retail Electricity Supplier (RES) which is mandated by Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). Similar to the other office buildings which undergo the same process and through assistance of JG Corporate Energy team, the group solicited for proposal for power generation supply from various RES companies. There was one offer from of purely renewable energy source, which is more environmentally friendly, while other proposals are from blended (combination of coal, fuel, natural gas, etc.) energy sources. Fortunately also, the 100% Renewable Energy company provider offered slightly lower rate which was then selected as the RES for Giga Tower.  

This is under AFFORDABLE and CLEAN ENERGY category which is sub-defined to be as (a.) Access To Modern Energy and (b.) Increase Percentage Of Renewable Energy
This is also the first OBD building to be enrolled & covered by supply of 100% Renewable Energy source. Specifically, the hydro power generation source is from Hydro Plant (in Pantabangan Dam). Prior to this supplier selection, we were already hearing and much aware of this renewable energy which we looked forward with since regularly, for our Office buildings, the power generation providers are using mostly coal & fuel resources. Until we were given the opportunity to secure a renewable energy supplier for our Giga Tower.  
In comparison to our existing other buildings generation rate that time which was at P3.84 (VAT Inc.) per kwhr, we were able to finalize renewable energy supplier rate to P3.60 (VAT Zero) which is P0.24 lower. This was now translated to an average monthly savings of Giga's electricity's to 92,636 kwhr (monthly average) x P0.24 per kwhr equivalent to P22,232.64 only for the building's common area power consumption. Then also Giga Tower tenants, being covered by the lower rate has its own savings in effect. 
In over-all aspect, we are gaining & experiencing three (3) main benefits of renewable energy as follows: 

  1. Alternative energy will never run out

    The first and most important benefit of using renewable energy is in its name – it is renewable. It means it will never run out and is sustainable.

  2. It saves money. 

    Renewable energy is not only good for the environment, but also financially. Renewable energy plants need less operations & maintenance cost. They do not have to rely on foreign products or energy sources, so using renewable energy sources can be independent.

  3. It helps protect the environment.

    Fossil fuels create greenhouse gases and pollutants. Using more fossil fuels means more harmful gases, which means more respiratory & cardiac health issues and global warming.

    Going clean & green is good for people, and good for the planet – so the health and environmental contributions of renewable energy is relevant.