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R Lusog is RLove’s feeding assistance program that addresses the nutritional gap of select beneficiaries suffering from malnutrition.

RLove believes that individuals need nourishment and good health in order to function properly and do well in life.

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R Eskwela is RLove’s school assistance program  that provides select schools & learning institution with assistance on School Rehabilitation, construction of facilities and provision of supplies and learning tools that aid the education of students.

RLove believes that education is the key to empowering every child in order for them to reach their highest potential to become our future productive workers and leaders of the country.

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R Tulong is RLove’s emergency relief program that addresses the need for relief assistance to individuals and communities affected by calamities.

RLove believes that it is in times of calamities that our help is most needed by the calamity-stricken victims; in order to address the need for essential provision of water, food, shelter etc.

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R Sikap is RLove’s livelihood assistance program that provides sustainable sources of income for individuals who need them the most.

RLove believes that livelihood is essential for individuals to afford a decent way of life for themselves and for their families.

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R Gift of Health is RLove’s Medical Mission Program that provides medical services, such as screenings & consultation, and medicines closer to communities that needs them the most.

RLove believes that good health is vital in order to have a good quality of life.

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