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ARTAblado Presents Pinta-tonix: Five Artists on Different Scale Octave

ARTAblado Presents Pinta-tonix: Five Artists on Different Scale Octave

Robinsons Land ARTablado continues to give hope to talented Filipino artists by giving them their own 'entablado,' a Filipino term which means stage, where they can showcase their marvelous and exceptional works. 

This month, Robinsons Land ARTablado will be hosting a group exhibition entitled "Pinta-tonix: Five Artists on Different Scale Octave" and will feature artworks from five diverse but equally talented Filipino artists namely: Esang Adame, Ismael Esbert, Joji Limayo, Ovidio Espiritu III and Viel Samaniego.

Coined by the group, PINTA-tonix comes from the word "Pentatonic" which pertains to a musical scale with five notes per octave.  It is a popular music pattern that is versatile, easy to remember and present in all music genres. 

Like a note in a musical scale, each artist plays a unique sound by producing exceptional pieces that showcases the artist's individuality. A native of Batangas province, Esang Adame's works focuses on the environment, shows her passion for nature.  For Ismael Esber of Tarlac, his Figurism collection demonstrates colorful human figures in vigorous movement. Pop Art is evidently seen in every artwork of Joji Limayo, an artist from Taytay Rizal who used to work in Studio Next One, a Japanese animation studio.  Born in Bulacan, Viel Samaniego's artworks showcases a wide array of subjects – from landscapes, birds and even flowers while Ovidio Espiritu III, a native from Manila, focuses on people and their expressions. 

Though these 5 artists come from different locations, have different subjects and diverse styles- they were able to harmonize their love for art through their display of over 40 pieces.

The exhibit will also include artworks of Mr. Rafael "Popoy" Cusi, Master of Water Color in the Philippines.

"Pinta-tonix: Five Artists on Different Scale Octave" will run from July 1 - 15 at ARTablado Level 3, Veranda of Robinsons Galleria. For more updates, visit or like and follow ARTablado on Facebook and @artablado on Instagram.