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R Eskwela Imparts Art Kits to 150 Children in Antique

R Eskwela Imparts Art Kits to 150 Children in Antique

April 19, 2023 - For the locals of the municipality of San Jose De Buenavista in Antique, April marks the celebration of “Tiringbanay” (Coming Together) Festival, an annual festivity inspired by the homecoming and reunion of locals during the summer, which also coincides with the town’s fiesta on May 1 in honor of its patron Saint Joseph the Worker. This year’s celebration emphasizes the spirit of joy and unity innate among San Josenhons, as reflected on the theme “Tiringbanay sa Kalipay, Tiringbanay sa Pagbinuligay (Together in Joy, Together in Helping One Another).”

While the local municipality spearheaded festivity arrangements, many business establishments and members of the community were invited to contribute their efforts to making the event fun, meaningful and inclusive.

RLove volunteers

To enjoin school-aged children in the festivities, Robinsons Antique and RLove, through the Office of the Sangguniang Bayan of the municipality of San Jose De Buenavista, joined in an outreach activity held in Pantao, San Jose Antique on April 19. The outreach highlights the donation of art kits to 150 children aged 8-12, facilitated by Robinsons Antique’s Mall Operations Manager Tina Ritchel Estrada, together with volunteer employees. The art kits include fun coloring books, and art materials, as well as writing pads and implements which are effective tools for honing a child’s creativity and imagination.

In addition, Robinsons Antique took an active role in the 3-day celebration as a venue partner for some of the festivity’s major attractions: the Tiringbanay Grand Parade and Tiringbanay Jobs Fair. These contributions likewise demonstrate Robinsons Antique’s strong commitment to community development, a mark of good corporate citizenship.

Student beneficiaries

R Eskwela is RLove’s school assistance program that provides select schools & learning institution with support on the provision of supplies & learning tools that aid the education of students. It also offers support in school rehabilitation, and construction of learning facilities.

RLove believes that education is the key to empowering every child in order for them to reach their highest potential to become our future productive members of the society.