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R-Love Soap for Hope Project

RLC through its Robinsons Hotels and Resorts Division launches, "R-Love Soap for Hope" project, an initiative to recover, recycle, re-process and donate used bar soaps to local communities. The project's objectives are three-fold: to provide a means of livelihood for local communities through teaching a new skill; to help hotels reduce waste by recycling used or discarded soap and eventually to save lives by promoting a cleaner and healthier environment through provision of a cheaper alternative soap. In 2018, a total of 200 Kg of Soap were reprocessed and donated. Beneficiaries were Don Bosco Pugad, Makati, and Holy Trinity School in Brgy. Haraan, Indang, Cavite. The reconstituted soaps are then used as part of the partners' livelihood projects as well as a promotion of hygiene to school children. This project creates shared value for all parties involved – the local business, the customers, local organizations, and the local communities.