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Robinsons Gensan Donates Raw Materials to Bla'an Artisans Association Through the RSikap Progam 

R Sikap Donates Livelihood Raw Materials to B'laan Association Through Robinsons GenSan

February 23-25, 2024 

The KANTE-EN Handloom Weaving & Blaan Artisan's Association, is an adopted community and extension program of the Gen. Santos City TESDA Training Center. Located in Brgy. Upper Labay, General Santos City, the association is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the traditional handloom weaving of the Blaan Tribe, which is an important source of livelihood for many members of the community.  

Composed of B’laan women who have received training from TESDA, the community-based organization produces quality handloom woven products such as textiles, clothing, and accessories. These products showcase the unique artistry and cultural heritage of the Blaan Tribe and help support the economic development of the community.  

Despite the importance of this craft, many weavers in the KANTE-EN Handloom Weaving & Blaan Artisan's Association struggle to access the necessary materials to produce their products due to lack of capital. Responding to the challenges of this IP community, RLove, in partnership with Robinsons Gensan and TESDA, launched RSikap, Robinsons Land Foundation’s livelihood assistance program. Robinsons GenSan sourced and donated raw materials such as threads and beads that enabled the weavers to continue their craft and sustain their livelihood. 

Almost half a year since the donation of raw materials, Robinsons GenSan organized a mall exhibition that showcased the traditional handlooms, handwoven textiles and accessories created by KANTE-EN Handloom Weaving & Blaan Artisan's Association. The exhibit not only serves as a venue to promote awareness of the Blaan Tribe’s unique artistry and cultural heritage, but also, functions as an alternative market place for our partner community to sell their products to mall customers, in support to the community’s livelihood. 

R Sikap is RLove's livelihood assistance program that provides trainings, equipment & raw materials to support the livelihood of select beneficiaries; affording them opportunities to develop sustainable sources of income. RLove believes that a good livelihood is essential for individuals to afford a decent quality of life.