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R Sikap Imparts Livelihood Food Carts to Beneficiaries in Gapan City 

R Sikap Imparts Livelihood Food Carts to Beneficiaries in Gapan City 

February 23, 2024

With its thrust in improving the socio-economic condition of its constituents, Gapan City has participated in recent public-private efforts to build sustainable livelihoods for its people. Whether it is through lending seed capital or conducting skills training activities, the local government of Gapan demonstrates a staunch commitment to providing its marginalized communities’ access to necessary assets to engage in and maintain thriving livelihoods. 

Supporting Gapan city government’s efforts in building the capabilities of its poor and vulnerable households and communities, RLove launched RSikap, a banner program of Robinsons Land Foundation promoting sustainable livelihood. In coordination with Robinsons Gapan and the City Government of Gapan, beneficiaries 18 years old above and belonging to the city’s poor, disadvantaged households, were identified as recipients of RLove Livelihood Carts.  

The livelihood carts were donated to eight beneficiaries during a ceremonial turnover held at the Gapan City Hall, and attended by Gapan City Mayor Joy Pascual; RLC CSR Manager Huey Silo; and Robinsons Gapan Mall Manager Emma Leah Belmonte together with Robinsons Gapan employee volunteers. 

RLove’s multipurpose cart is equipped with a bicycle and built in umbrella that serves as a kiosk on wheels. The cart can be used to develop micro-enterprises where entrepreneurs can sell items like food, and other commodities. These assets are expected to help the beneficiaries jumpstart their small businesses with the help of capital assistance from the Gapan LGU. 

R Sikap is RLove's livelihood assistance program that provides trainings, equipment & raw materials to support the livelihood of select beneficiaries; affording them opportunities to develop sustainable sources of income. RLove believes that a good livelihood is essential for individuals to afford a decent quality of life.