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RLC creates a road map to achieve Net Zero

RLC creates a road map to achieve Net Zero

Robinsons Land Corporation commits to achieving its Net Zero Carbon Ambition by 2050, where we achieve a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas we produce and the amount we remove from the atmosphere. At RLC, this means reducing emissions and implementing methods of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

RLC’s journey to achieving Net Zero entails creating low carbon and resilient spaces and lowering emissions across the life cycle of its buildings. In so doing, RLC contributes to the fight against climate change, while creating value for its stakeholders and the society.

In the pursuit of attaining our goal, RLC commits to optimizing its use of renewable energy sources, and low-emission materials; utilizing  energy-efficient technologies; implementing smart architecture in its commercial development projects; and initiating  forest regeneration or tree planting activities, among others.

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