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RLC Residences' Sierra Valley Gardens- A Sustainable Residential Development

RLC Residences' Sierra Valley Gardens- A Sustainable Residential Development

February 2024

Committed to creating low-carbon and resilient spaces, RLC Residences has started taking steps in creating sustainable residential developments that contribute to the fight against climate change and create value for stakeholders and society.

A bold step in this movement is the Sierra Valley Gardens project, a multi-tower mid-rise development situated within the Sierra Valley Destination Estate in Cainta, Rizal. Recently, it garnered recognition from the prestigious DOT Property Southeast Asia Awards, that honors top real estate developers and projects across the region.

What makes the Sierra Valley Gardens a sustainable residential project is the integration of various sustainability features focused on renewable energy, green spaces, water conservation and waste recycling:

Resource Alternatives

Sierra Valley is equipped with solar technologies that convert sunlight into electricity used for lighting outdoor spaces; as well as rainwater catchment systems to manage flooding and repurpose rainwater for irrigation.

Green Architecture

Half of Sierra Valley’s area are open spaces that accommodate fresh air, natural light and the environment – spaces perfect for recreational activities that encourage residents to live an active lifestyle. Additionally, sun shading elements are strategically integrated on exterior building portions and outdoor amenity areas for heat reduction and natural cooling of indoor spaces.

Waste Management

Sierra Valley provides a waste segregation system for unit owners to dispose of their trash properly – from recyclable wastes and biodegradable waste, to hazardous waste that are sent to treatment facilities. Also within the compound are Material Resource Facilities (MRFs) that serve are recycling centers, furthering its circularity efforts.

Incorporating these innovative features, Sierra Valley Gardens exemplifies RLC Residences’ new philosophy on sustainability which fuses its priorities of creating well-designed, low-carbon and resilient spaces with its advocacies of conserving resources and green, open spaces.