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Robinsons Antique RLove volunteers participate in 2 Adopt-an-Estèro clean- up drives in PC Beachside and Sibalom NIA Canal

Robinsons Antique RLove volunteers participate in clean- up drives in Antique coastline and esteros

This March, Robinsons Antique launched two RKalikasan activities in response to the call for volunteers by the Province of Antique’s Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) Region VI.

Clean up Drive with Province of Antique’s ENRO

On March 22, employee volunteers trooped to the coastline of San Jose de Buenavista to join in an orchestrated clean-up activity organized by the Province of Antique’s ENRO unit in observance of Provincial Ordinance No. 2015-115, also known as "The Coastal, Rivers, Creeks and Waterways Clean Up Ordinance” of the Province of Antique.

The ordinance empowers the local government to promote awareness and support the conservation and protection of common water bodies like coastal areas, rivers, creeks, and waterways within the province's territorial jurisdiction.

RLove volunteers

In support of this ordinance, employee volunteers from Robinsons Antique trekked the 10-km coastal stretch from PC beach Esplanade to the river’s mouth in the barangays of Durog to San Pedro, bringing with them sacks to collect trash that has been washed from nearby dump areas to the beach.

As an effort to keep the area litter-free, volunteers brought their own water containers to avoid leaving single-use plastic bottles.

Adopt-an-Estero Drive with DENR- Environmental Management Bureau

A day after the coastal clean-up, Robinsons Antique participated in another clean-up drive, this time, zeroing in on in-land, freshwater bodies.

In celebration of World Water Day, which is an annual global observance focusing on the importance of freshwater, Robinsons Antique took part in the Adopt- an-Estero Water Body Program Cleanup Activity organized by the DENR-EMB VI in various locations on March 23.

At 6AM, employee volunteers assembled at the meeting point near Sibalom NIA Canal to join the orchestrated clean-up activity which happened in several adopted “esteros” or water inlets across the city.

RLove volunteers

At the end of the drive, employee volunteers accomplished a report that included geo-tagged photos and information like quantities of trash-filled sacks collected and even the weight of solid wastes gathered, for reverting to the bureau.

Robinsons Antique’s staunch support of the environmental efforts organized by the local government, through its launch of RKalikasan initiatives, demonstrates a shared advocacy on raising awareness about the importance of water conservation, management, and protection.

R Kalikasan is RLove's environmental sustainability CSR program. R Kalikasan takes up greening initiatives and volunteerism projects that aim to mitigate climate change and reduce wastes sent to landfills; supporting the UNSDGs: #13 - Climate Action & #14 - Life below water.

RLove believes that as one community, we must stand united in our efforts in contributing to a brighter & greener future for our shared home.