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Red Cross Volunteers

Robinsons Gensan Turns Over Donations of First Aid Kits to Philippine Red Cross

Celebrating the commitment and dedication of its youth volunteers in the service of the community, The Red Cross Youth Department of the Philippine Red Cross Gen. Santos City Chapter conducted the 1st PAKIGLAMBIGIT 2024, a gathering of young student volunteers from General Santos City and Sarangani Province Chapters.  

Rallying 250 participants from Elementary, High School and College-level councils of the two chapters, the fellowship brought together students in a meaningful and interactive setting that aimed at fostering socialization, engagement, and learning among Red Cross youth volunteers. The event’s very essence is captured by the term "Pakiglambigit" which in Cebuano means “to socialize”.   

Red Cross Volunteers

Recognizing the importance of community building in affirming the commitment of these young, energetic Red Cross volunteers, Robinsons GenSan, led by Mall Manager Leomabell Velandria, contributed to making the event meaningful by providing First Aid Kits that were given to select students during the program. 

Throughout the fellowship, the participants embarked on a transformative journey, immersing themselves in a diverse range of activities designed to build resilience, enhance leadership skills, and ignite a deep sense of compassion. 

With a shared commitment to service, the fellowship provided a platform for the Red Cross Youth Councils to reconnect with their purpose and reaffirm their dedication to serving their community and beyond.