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Robinsons GenTri conducts Entrep Corner Orientation with De La Salle University- Dasmarinas

Robinsons GenTri conducts Entrep Corner Orientation with De La Salle University- Dasmarinas

In the 1980’s David Kolb, coined the term “experiential learning”, which is the idea that learning is a product of experience.

Experiential Learning underpins the orientation and product evaluation activity held by RLove in partnership with De La Salle University-Dasmarinas (DLSU-D) for Robinsons Malls Entrep Corner, an upcoming student exhibit that will feature products by La Sallian students from DLSU-D at Robinsons Gen. Trias.

Facilitated by organizers Ms. Huey Silo, CSR Manager for Robinsons Land Corporation, Mr. Michael del Rosario, Faculty Member of DLSU-D, and Mr. Rafael Antonio Gutierrez, Regional Operations Manager of Robinsons Malls - Luzon, the activity began with a product evaluation of 8 student business start-ups: Citrooze Blends (citrus juice with jelly sinkers); Jolatinnaha (Taho ice candy); Sweet SurpRise (Mochitaw, a mochi snack with palitaw flavors); Mushpek Co. (mushroom nachos); Nug-Eats (organic chicken nuggets); POP Zone (K-Style chicken pops and mandu); Tofu Yummy (Tofu bites); and TWO SCOOPS (Cupalicious, ice cream-and-cake-in-one).

After the evaluation phase, the students engaged in an orientation in preparation for the actual Entrep Corner event. During the orientation, students were given a walk-through of the final plans for the various aspects of the exhibit such as location and design, program launch, and tenant guidelines, among others. Apart from the exhibit plans, students learned essential industry-standard mall protocols similar to those followed by actual mall tenants of Robinsons Gen. Trias, which complements Entrep Corner’s objective of sharpening the business acumen of participant student entrepreneurs.

The seminar and product evaluation ended with a site tour of the exhibit’s actual location, emphasizing entry points for ingress and egress, as well as routes for the access of specific tenant designated areas for cleaning and washing kitchenware.

Entrep Corner is RLove’s flagship program that provides actual retail experience to students taking up entrepreneurship/business management-related courses with the aim of honing their entrepreneurial skills in a real business-simulated environment.

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