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Robinsons Hotels and Resorts join Earth Hour

Robinsons Land “Unplugs” as One During Earth Hour 2024

As a champion of sustainability, Robinsons Land joined hands with global citizens, businesses, and communities in switching off non-essential lights across all our properties nationwide – a first as a corporation – to signify support for the earth’s biggest hour – The Earth Hour. 

On March 23, at exactly 8:30pm, more than one hundred thirty RLC properties from across its portfolio shut off non-essential lights as a symbolic gesture of support and celebration of the planet. Apart from the global unplugging, numerous RLC properties held activities that empowered our communities to participate in eco-positive activities within our properties, a crucial step to building awareness for those who are yet to be environmentally proactive. 

For RLC, Earth Hour is a powerful moment that signifies not just solidarity by way of a shared environmental advocacy, but also, a commitment to responsible environmental stewardship. 

In here, we highlight some of the most impactful initiatives held during RLC’s celebration of Earth Hour last March. 

Robinsons Malls 

From Luzon to Mindanao, 52 Robinsons Malls unplugged non-essential lights within and outside the mall for 60 minutes. Inside the malls, lights were dimmed in hallways and shops while pylons and façade signages on mall perimeter were switched off or partially lit. Some malls, on top of the power shut-off, launched their own Earth Hour celebrations with complementing activities under “Our Earth R Place” Robinsons Malls’ existing sustainability program such as “Art for Earth” public mural painting, and “Save the Planet One Bottle at a Time” plastic trash drive. 

Some malls made their Earth Hour celebration unique by launching performances and engaging activities for clients and employee volunteers: In Luzon, Robinsons Santiago presented violin performances and Zumba activities; and Robinsons Galleria launched a sustainable retail bazaar featuring ethically made clothing and accessories; In Visayas, Robinsons Ormoc conducted a community clean-up drive; in Mindanao, Robinsons Tagum offered plant seedlings in exchange of used bottles, Robinsons Iligan organized a nature-themed art exhibit and Robinsons GenSan showcased an ethno music ensemble together with a ceremonial countdown.  

Robinsons Offices 

In the office building sector, a total of 31 properties nationwide joined in the simultaneous power shut-off, dimming hallways, lounge spaces, and LED billboards for 60 minutes. Among participating office buildings are Tera and Giga Towers (LEED Gold certified) in Luzon; Cyberscape Galleria Cebu (EDGE certified) and Cybergate Iloilo (LEED-certified) in Visayas. 

RLC Residences 

In our residential properties, 28 condos nationwide unplugged their non-essential lights, dimming living spaces and common areas within the condo building and around its perimeter such as reception areas, elevator hallways, parking area, and some offices.  

Robinsons Destination Estates 

Two RLC destination estates demonstrated support for Earth Hour through simultaneous unplugging of perimeter lights. In Sierra Valley, lamp posts near bright establishments were switched off, while signages and boulevard lights were taken down in Bridgetown. 

Robinsons Hotels and Resorts 

In the hotel and resorts sector, 24 establishments joined the global movement not only by turning off lights in prominent areas such as function rooms, hallways and lounges; but also, by way of choosing green mobility such as riding bikes or carpooling for the day. In many RLC hotels, employees shared a memorable moment by gathering and individually lighting candles forming the iconic number 60, the symbol for Earth Hour. 

Robinsons Logistics and Industrial Facilities 

In the logistics and industrial facilities sector, four facilities unplugged non-essential lights within and around their premises; in areas like driveways, parking lots, offices and storages.  

On the 60th minute of the company-wide simultaneous unplugging, RLC was able to save a total of 10,892 kWh energy, preventing 7.75 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions which is likened to planting 128 trees. 

More than all these positive figures, the success of RLC’s simultaneous unplugging for the Earth Hour lies both in the solidarity of its people to achieve the company’s sustainability goals and the commitment to become responsible stewards of our planet. At a time when the concept of corporate sustainability is relatively new, the willingness, persistence and creativity demonstrated by RLC’s leadership and people during the Earth Hour, are a feat on their own.