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RTulong Sends Relief to Victims of the Fire Incident that hit Brgy Cogon, Ormoc

RTulong Sends Relief to Victims of the Fire Incident that hit Brgy Cogon, Ormoc

On February 22 and 23, two fire incidents displaced around 53 families including 229 individuals, 43 houses, and establishments in Purok Chrysanthemum, Brgy. Cogon, Ormoc City Leyte.

The initial fire, which originated at the back of a bakeshop within the barangay, consumed the residential structures made mostly of light materials. Aggravated by the narrow passages leading to the site, the fire swiftly spread and reached third alarm, prompting firetrucks from nearby municipalities to collectively respond.

Another fire alarmed the same barangay the morning of the next day at the same location as the previous fire, however fire-out was immediately declared. This second fire incident was due to the extreme heat that caused debris to ignite.

53 Affected families or 229 individuals fled the site – most of them with nothing but themselves, leaving their properties consumed by the fire. They were brought to safety in Brgy. Cogon gymnasium and given relief goods and materials, however, evacuees still needed supplies of essential items for their daily needs.

In response to the call for donations, and in cooperation with the Barangay LGU, Robinsons Ormoc launched RTulong Relief Operations to assist in the provision of relief goods and materials for the refugees that will help victims cope with the aftermath of the fire. Trooping to the evacuation site, employee volunteers donated family relief packs to more than 100 families from Brgy. Cogon. The relief packs contained grocery items such as canned goods, noodles, rice, coffee and biscuits. 

R Tulong is RLove’s emergency relief program that addresses the need for relief assistance to individuals and communities affected by calamities. 

RLove believes that it is in times of calamities that our help is most needed by the calamity-sticken victims; in order to address their need for essential resources like water, food, shelter etc.