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‘Sangkutsa’ at Robinsons Land ARTablado

‘Sangkutsa’ at Robinsons Land ARTablado

‘Sangkutsa’ at Robinsons Land ARTablado

There are exhibitions where all the elements simmer into a collective pot of insight and illumination.


To mount a show where each piece pays tribute to a specific area, mindset and aesthetics is the idea behind Robinsons Land ARTablado's "Sangkutsa," which is on view from April 1 to 13 at Level 3 of Robinsons Galleria. "Sangkutsa" features the works of Sining Rizal, a group of artists founded in 2009 whose members hail from the towns around Laguna Lake and the luscious mountain ranges. According to organizer-participant Bong Anore, "Just like a preparatory dish to a mouthful and delectable course, these artworks are carefully crafted and well-executed by disciplined and experienced individuals making their own mark."


The artists of Sining Rizal are: Ambhet Lugtu, Bello Pasa Jr., Bernie Supsupin, Bong Anore, Charlie Timtiman, Charlie Val, Fernando Jovellano, Gerry Marasigan, Jhune Bernardo, Jonalyn Villar Montero, Jovito Andres, Jun Tiongco, Michael Ong, Oiet Aramil, Reggie Lim, Rey Punelas, Roger Fulgado, Ronald delos Santos, Ronald Limayo, Totong Francisco II, William Alcantara, and Winslomer delos Santos.


They all have a unique narrative to share in terms of overcoming the hardships brought forth by the pandemic and have, Anore shares, "kept up our painterly ways in the most resilient and resourceful manner."


‘Sangkutsa’ at Robinsons Land ARTablado

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He amplifies, "This visual art exhibition is our testament, our proof that we survived, surpassed and ever existed as an artist during the pandemic times. Life as an artist may have been rough and tough, but still no pandemic can ever put a stop to a persistent, determined and creative mind." And with "Sangkutsa," each Sining Rizal member is presenting his or her current state of mind: the individual participating in a collective vision or, as Anore puts it, "collective ingredient to a visual art menu that has never been served before or even tasted."


And how visually nourishing their respective palettes are.


The appeal of Jovito Andres' art lies in its ability to impart simple childhood pleasures: a serene fishing village here, a rustic farm there, the bliss of his beloved hometown of Angono, Rizal. Roger Fulgado (aka Rogelio Delos Santos) is obsessed with capturing light, shade, color, and harmony; his subjects, although as humble as a grouping of fish or fruit, have a certain heroic drama in them. Jun Tiongco's works are impressionistic renditions of tranquil life. His palette is characterized by subdued hues. Berny Supsupin's subjects are the common folks presented as paragons of fortitude and diligence. His canvases are an homage to their daily toil in vibrant, heartwarming colors. Carlos "Totong" Francisco, the grandson of Botong Francisco, creates works that can be filed under Figurative Automatism or Abstract Expressionism, focusing on the "visceral, symbolic, transitional and metaphysical." Charlie Val paints micro-cube patterns in earthly colors and exquisite hues.


Ferdinand "Bong" Anore is all about boldness in his choice of colors and subjects: kites in flight, stargazing children, etc. Nagcarlan's very own Ferdinand "Ding" Jovellano creates sculptures made from scrap metal. The subjects of his assemblage range from steampunk seahorse and owl to sound contraptions. Gerry Marasigan is a practitioner of Abstraction and Impressionism. Jan Ong depicts people, fish, and festive occasions to convey his optimistic outlook in life. Jhune Bernardo's focus remains clear: make acute observations, but render them with expressive painterly marks. Jonalyn Villar-Montero creates portraiture and neo-realist art using charcoal, pastel, oil or acrylic. Ronald Limayo's recent works are the usual still life depictions or groupings of fish, veggies and fruit, but intruded upon by ubiquitous smart phones, credit and identification cards, as well as keys — how modern-day conveniences temper still-life iconography. Norberto Lugtu hails from Angono and his works are characterized by exuberant colors. Reggie Lim's art has been influenced by his hometown province, experimenting at the onset with different styles and techniques before concentrating on still life — from succulents to suitcases. Reynaldo Punelas depicts human dramas such as the father-and-son dynamics and farmers reaping the rewards of their daily toil. William Alcantara's goal is to turn ordinary days into something extraordinary through the lens of the artist. Bello Pasa, Carlos Pagalunan Chartim and Rolando de los Santos celebrate what is infinitely charming about their hometown and the poetic dynamics of its people.  


Established in 2020, Robinsons Land ARTablado, a portmanteau of "art" and "entablado" is Robinsons Land's very own stage in showcasing the Filipino ingenuity and creativity. This platform allows emerging artists to freely express themselves through art and paves the way to greater recognition of their talent and hard work. 

‘Sangkutsa’ at Robinsons Land ARTablado