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Independent Directors Head Key Board Committees

Unanimous vote of Independent Directors required for Related Party Transactions & certain other transactions

Independent Directors head Audit Committee and Related Party Transactions Committee

Internal Audit reports ratings and results of issue remediation

Risk Management

RLC Enterprise Risk  Management program to better capture sustainability risks and formulate mitigation response and improve risk disclosure


Ensuring Equitable Flow of value. We ensure that we maintain highest standards of corporate governance, i.e., anti-corruption in all our transactions to safeguard that economic value flows to the right stakeholders.  We make sure that we pay a fair price to all our stakeholders to ensure equitable distribution of economic value. Year-on-year, we monitor the total economic value distribution as percentage of our revenue.  In the last five years, an average of 84% of our revenues has flowed back to the economy. The value that we retained is reinvested to drive future growth.