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Wicked Abstraction Excites Artablado's Followers

Wicked Abstraction Excites Artablado's Followers

Wicked Abstraction showcases nine individuals each with an artistic journey –laying bare their only passion which is painting. Their masterpieces will be showcased in Robinsons Land's ARTablado from November 17 to 30 at ARTablado, 3rd level, Robinsns Galleria.   These talented individuals have developed their own personal styles and are now at the brink of experimenting on a different path which would leave their personas open –showing their artistic instincts. Each individual has toiled to express himself/herself in a way that is devoid of any exigencies or pressures from outside sources and without any inhibitions.

True to the maxim "ars gratis artis", a time honored principle that means art for art's sake, these free thinking individuals worked on their ouvers without any care in the world, armed only with their intuitions expressing their truth, their individuality and aesthetic ideals quietly hoping to create fanfare nevertheless. Hence, it is the art works that are their own excuse for being, the mere raison d'etre if you would and nothing more.  A coming out of age, like the first buds of a flower peaking at the light of the glorious sun for the first time. A blossoming during springtime, when the leaves of a plant are dampened wet by the morning mists and when bees and butterflies kiss the flowers unwittingly pollinating them to bear fruit. Such serendipity as nature works not only for our pleasure but our very sustenance. With this collection of works, these artists seem to prove that positivity springs eternal. At this time, we can safely say we have seen their strongest and weakest side during their artistic journey and that is truly "wicked!"  Participating artists are Chinnich Candao, Danny Encabo, Eliezer Dimaculangan, Ella Hipolito, Joel Reglos, Jof Nachor, Meyo de Jesus, Rigor Esguerra, & Tito Rolly.

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