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  • RLove Wins a Global
    Good Governance Award
    The 3G Best CSR Initiative Award was presented to RLove for the
    outstanding social impact delivered by its initiatives.

    The 3G Awards, held in Dubai UAE, celebrates individuals, governments, public
    and private institutions and NGOs. They also highlight the awardees’ excellence
    in good governance and commitment to social welfare in three major streams:
    Government and Politics; Corporate and Social Sectors; and Philanthropy.
  • Who We Are
    We provide assistance
    & opportunities
    to local communities
    We aim to take up initiatives that will enrich lives
    & shape a better future for communities.
  • Who We Are
    We are committed to uplift
    communities in the areas of health,
    nutrition, livelihood & education
    RLove aims to initiate a transformative social change
    through its various social welfare programs and activities.
  • Who We Are
    We launch initiatives that
    provide much needed support
    and assistance to the most
    vulnerable communities
    RLove aims to drive positive change in communities
    by improving people's quality of life.

Help us continue our cause today!

Together, let us make the lives of Filipino families and communities better.


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