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Environmental Sustainability



Robinsons Malls have rainwater collection systems


Robinsons Malls reuse treated wastewater for landscaping, irrigation, and sanitation purposes

25.6% savings

on landscaping water for Magnolia Residences thanks to maximized use of collected rainwater

One in 10 people in the Philippines still do not have access to improved water sources, according to the World Health Organization, but the government is working to achieve universal coverage for water by 2028. At RLC, we find ways to use treated rainwater, wastewater, and greywater in our operations not only to reduce water consumption but to also help curb water pollution. In our various developments, we integrate rainwater collection systems, wastewater treatment facilities, as well as sewerage treatment plants, enabling us to reuse 100% treated wastewater. Hence, our minimal wastewater discharge to public sewers and bodies of water. Some of our existing malls, which have wastewater facilities in place, are being retrofitted for additional treatment of the product water so that it meets the water quality standard used for landscaping and sanitation. Two of our residential projects, Magnolia Residences and Escalades at the 20th, also have rainwater and greywater collection systems, respectively.

Our various developments consume high volumes of water daily. Recognizing the value of intelligent use of water resources, our malls and office buildings have water-efficient fixtures. Robinsons Malls have also been designed with rainwater collection and wastewater treatment systems.

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